Sending cells via UPS

□   Make sure you have the recipient’s name, complete address and telephone number, and a pre-paid UPS shipping label from them.

□   Select and record which cells you are sending, and print “ShippingInfo” layout from CellBank for each vial (CellBank will prompt you to enter the name and address of the recipient and will automatically remove the vial from its location).

□   Select an appropriately sized box and Styrofoam container for shipment.

□   Fill Styrofoam container with dry ice from 12th floor so that it matches the weight on the pre-paid label.

□   Remove cell vials from physical location and place into container.

□   Close box and tape shut.

□   Affix UN1845 (dry ice) label(s) to box and fill in appropriately:

  • “___ x ___ kg” in top right corner,
  • “DRY ICE, ___ kg” in bottom left corner,
  • “shipper’s name and address” in bottom left corner,
  • “consignee name and address” in bottom right corner.

It is only necessary to put a label on one side of the box, but putting two labels on decreases the odds of having your box returned unsent.

□   Fold pre-paid label(s) and place into UPS label holder.

□   Attach label holder to top of box.

□   Cross out any visible markings on box that may interfere with shipment.

□   Place box on top of UPS pick-up location in on first floor of 75 Kneeland St.