Drug Stocks for Mammalian Cells



Stock concentration


1 Neomycin (G418) 500 mg/ml -20oC
2 Puromycin 2.0 mg/ml -20oC
3 Hygromycin 100 mg/ml 4oC T.C.
4 Zeocin 100 mg/ml -20oC
5 Blasticidin 10 mg/ml -20oC

Information on ordering and aliquoting :

Neomycin (G418, Geneticin)Life Tech. 11811-031  5g $265.90.  Comes lyophilized,  store at RT. Dissolve in PBS-. Usually, it’s activity is ~730µg/mg in which case, resuspend in 7.3 ml PBS for a 500 mg/ml stock.

PuromycinSigma P7255 100 mg $113.60.  Dissolve in 50 ml PBS- for a final conc. of 2 mg/ml.

HygromycinSigma H3274   1 g $263.50 comes lyophilized,  store at 4oC. Add 8 ml H2O and it rapidly goes into solution.  Bring volume to 10 ml for a final conc. of 100 mg/ml.  Make 500 µl aliquots and store at 4oC in dark.

ZeocinInvitrogen R250-05   5g  $725  Comes as a liquid at 100 mg/ml.

Blasticidin S HCLInvitrogen R210-01  50mg $135.  Dissolve in 5 ml H2O for a final conc. of 10mg/ml.