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Preparation of Anesthetics

Mouse Surgery Protocol ( Click to Download ) Mouse Surgery Protocols (edited 1/11/96) A. 2,2,2-tribromoethanol (Avertin™) — From Papaioannou and Fox (1993); ref#2008 Solvents for 2,2,2-tribromoethanol: Add 2.5 g tribromoethanol (Aldrich) to 5 ml 2-methyl-2-butanol (tertiary amyl alcohol; Aldrich) and dissolve by heating to 50oC with stirring or shaking. Add 200 ml distilled water and […]

Surgical Procedures

Mouse Surgery Protocol ( Click to Download ) A. Transplantation of mammary epithelium into cleared fat pads Prepare the following equipment: Cautery and spare batteries Surgical tools: DeWecker iris scissors (7mm, sharp-sharp); 2 curved iris forceps; tissue forceps; needle-point forceps; hemostat; sterile sutures Ear tags Auto-wound clips and remover too Avertin on ice 25 gauge […]

Cell -Freeze Down

Freeze Media 9ml media the cells grow in 1ml DMSO Trypsinize as normally. Spin cells and resuspend in appropriate freeze media for ~1-2million cells/vial. Place 1ml of Freeze Media. Place cryovial in Nalgene cell freezer and put at -80°C until next day. (If you do not use a Nalgene cell freezer, this protocol will NOT […]