The Kuperwasser Lab focuses on understanding the various aspects of normal and carcinogenic breast development, with the emphasis on molecular mechanisms that regulate normal and cancer stem cells, differentiation, and stromal-epithelial interactions involved during progression and metastasis. The laboratory has several major areas of focus

    • How “the cell-of-origin” influences the genetic and epigenetic events of breast cancer diversity and heterogeneity
    • Cellular Plasticity and organogenesis
    • Stroma in development and disease

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  • Postdoctoral Positions

    The Kuperwasser lab has several openings for postdoctoral fellows. Interested fellows should submit the following materials in a single PDF file to the Charlotte Kuperwasser via email at charlotte.kuperwasser@tufts.edu:

      • One page summary of past research project, current interests and experience
      • A current curriculum vitae including list of publications
      • Letters of recommendation
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  • Technician Positions

    None currently available

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